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Modern Slavery Statement



Origin Growth Limited (origin) is committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking in its business. This statement highlights the steps that Origin has taken to address any risk of slavery and human trafficking taking place within its supply chain and throughout other areas of its business.


Origin’s Organisational Structure, Business Model and Supply Chains

Origin is a digital service provider based in the UK and Lithuania. It provides design and technical services to local authority, public sector and enterprise private clients. The business relies on its in-house team of experts to carry out these tasks. The supply chain is limited in size and consists of either individuals (photographers) or large multi-national software vendors.


Our Policies to Address the Risks of Slavery and Human Trafficking

Origin’s approach to the risks of slavery and human trafficking can be found within a number of its policies.

Our employees are expected to follow the principles set out within Origin’s guide to ethical business conduct “Doing the Right Thing.” This sets out the ethical and conduct codes which employees are expected to comply with. In addition, the principles set out in the document protects whistle-blowers. Hotlines are available to employees, to enable them to report any concerns or issues in complete confidence.

The Employee Code of Conduct sets out the appropriate behaviour that members of staff should adopt in order to ensure a safe and efficient workplace where positive employment relationships can be maintained.

The Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the standards of ethical business conduct expected from Origin’s supply chain. It is expected that our supply chain provides safe working conditions that are free from harm, intimidation, harassment and fear and that workers should be treated with dignity, respect and act ethically within the law.

Our recruitment policies and processes recognise an individual’s rights to work in an environment free from discrimination and to realise their full potential by ensuring equal opportunities at work. We ensure that all direct employees are paid above the minimum living wage and have appropriate rights to work.


Our Processes to Identify and Reduce the Risk of Slavery and Human Trafficking Taking Place in Our Supply Chains or Operations

As well as using the policies and codes mentioned above, Origin also operates the following control and assurance framework in order to identify and reduce the risk of slavery and human trafficking:

When onboarding new suppliers we use the following tools:

Our Ongoing Commitment to Eradicating Slavery and Human Trafficking

Modern slavery awareness is included in the induction programme attended by all employees when joining the organisation.

We have an ongoing review group led by our Executive Team. This team is responsible for reviewing our processes and monitoring compliance. During the next financial year, Origin plans to discover ways of making further improvements in relation to modern slavery and human trafficking.

Origin continue to invest in the business tools our people work with, and in their training, to help further improve our supply chain governance, procurement activities and supplier relationship management.

Updated: 12thJuly 2019.

Approved by the Origin Board of Directors.