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We are women.

Lil-Lets wanted to target two specific groups:  
1. for pre-teens and teens 
2. for women 25-50 in a global market. 
They not only needed to raise awareness of the brand Lil-Lets, but also showcase guidance content and the range of products to these audiences. 

We began by interviewing Lil-lets to gain a full understanding of their view, and followed with surveys in user groups of women with pre-teen and teenage children, and young women themselves. After determining what information they would look for from a feminine hygiene brand, we created content and ads that offered a ‘magazine’ feel, with guidance information, free samples, access to experts and interactive content, animation and video clips. 

Design was led by Lil-Lets’ global guidelines but with our regional and target market skews. This resulted in higher penetration within both target groups than had been seen historically, especially against more aggressive brands such as Tampax. In-store and on pack; we promoted the proposition of capturing views on women’s health topics to engage consumers in the community.

This led to a more immersive experience than we could deliver at point of sale. We used interactive elements, video and animation brought together a variety of information into innovative short explanatory visuals, including explaining the period cycle, how to measure for a bra size and how tampons work.

Lil-Lets interactive video

Responsive website design

Lil-Lets campaign deliverables

Lil-Lets website lo-fi wireframes

Lil-Lets website

Lil-Lets website designs

Testimonial & performance

Origin helped deliver the launch, which was supported offline with advertising campaigns, pack promotions and in-store activation to great effect.

Lil-Lets Team

Site visits +10k Increase
Parallel sites x2 For different audiences
Organic traffic +80% Increase


For the full story on how we supported Lil-lets, give us a call on 01926 422002, or drop us an email on [email protected] and we’ll send you the full case study.

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