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Severn Trent Water - Digital Strategy

Digital strategy to build integration & delivery.


See how we improved customer experience and brand image.

We’ve worked for Severn Trent since 2010, helping them to keep the majority of their 7.5m customers across the Midlands happy. These customers are as diverse as you could possibly get; from ABC to CDE, taking in a wide range of ages and ethnic groups to those with learning difficulties. 

During this time, a number of our high profile projects for them include: writing their 5-year digital strategy, launching a new customer service site and portal, alongside lots of web and content creation work. A large proportion of this work requires us, as lead agency, to create complex technical interactions with their back office systems (CRM, operations, analytics). We do this successfully by working closely with the internal IT departments – being a part of their team – delivering the exact expertise they need to ensure work is completed on time and within budget 

STW UX workshops

STW website

STW meter reading journey

STW design layouts

STW intranet

STW Connect website

STW Connect welcome pack

STW Connect DM

Providing a flexible agency team means they can have us on-site at short notice to provide specialist support when it’s most needed. We have become part of their backbone support for all things digital. A major role has been to understand customer’s pain and recommend actions required for a strategic range of comms and services.

We have carried out customer experience workshops, testing and design studies that were taken to full prototype stage. We mapped all of their 650 pages of content on a new Adobe Experience Manager system, carrying out extensive user testing to deliver a final polished system.

Testimonial & performance

Our online campaign has already led to a significant increase in customer satisfaction overall as well as improved brand sentiment online.

Team Severn Trent

Migrated 650 Web pages
Increase +31% Customer satisfaction
48% Call reduction


For the full story on how we supported Severn Trent, give us a call on 01926 422002, or drop us an email on [email protected] and we’ll send you the full case study.

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