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See how we defined Zurich employee value proposition (EVP) and united its employee communications via one multilingual intranet platform.

Zurich needed to define its employee value proposition (EVP) to align its diverse business and workforce. And, it wanted to unite its employee communications on one multilingual intranet platform. 

To develop an intranet strategy our team held HR and communications workshops with the key stakeholders at Zurich to create a roadmap that aligned its resources. And, it enabled us to position its EVP to reflect its organisation and employee experience. 

We flew around the world to carry out Business Analysis and User Research, before creating a service design that would bring Zurich together under one unified platform.

From our UX and service design, we moved to creating the service in Sharepoint. This meant creating stories and ACs that could be delivered in ten two-week sprints.

Origin's Agile dev team worked closely with Zurich's solution architects in the UK and Switzerland, to ensure that features matched their expectations. Regular playback sessions also enabled the product teams based in the USA, to move at the same velocity and provide rapid feedback and iterations.

Collaboration strategy

Zurich website design

Responsive intranet website development

Campaign banners


Connecting 55,000 employees globally
Collaborating between 170 countries
Increased EVP Development


For the full story on how we supported Zurich Insurance, give us a call on 01926 422002, or drop us an email on [email protected] and we’ll send you the full case study.

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