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ABM is Ideal for Channel Partners

Direct sales alone are not enough, especially in the SaaS and tech space, which is where channel sales and partner programs come into play.



Every business wants and needs business growth.

Direct sales alone are not enough, especially in the SaaS and tech space, which is where channel sales and partner programs come into play.

Channels sales can help your business to:

  1. Reach new prospects who don’t buy directly from the vendor, but deal with resellers instead
  2. Sell through other service providers and third-party marketplaces via packages that appeal to buyers looking for different product options
  3. Grow your brand awareness and reach in new geographic locations.

You can see how a successful channel program can increase your revenue - in fact, 75% of B2B sales will be done through some type of channel - and there’s a no quick fix or autopilot button for this. You’ll need to work closely with your channel partners to make sure they’re on the same page when it comes to implementing and deploying strategies.

This is where ABM comes in and can really strengthen your channel partner sales.

Account based marketing in my eyes is zero waste marketing, where sales and marketing work together to target key personnel in your key targeted accounts, rather than individuals. This allows for the overall focus being on having full visibility about your buyer needs and building with specific targeted accounts.

So, if you want your channel partners to sell for you, then you need to ensure you’re helping them select the right accounts. They need to be treated as an extension of your sales team, so this means they need the same support as your internal direct sales teams to generate quality leads.

Where Do I Start?

Having an actionable strategy is a big priority when starting ABM. You must be able to apply resources upfront to create a plan where both marketing and sales can collaborate, as they both have a big role to play.

ABM is really account centric marketing, which is all about identifying and targeting an organisation as a market of one, and subsequently making that the centre of everything you do. It’s not complex, but you do need a process, strategy, and design thinking to do it well.

There are three elements to a successful ABM rollout, which cover targeting, engagement, and control. By defining these three components, we can start thinking logically about what’s needed to generate more effective sales.

ABM Webinar: How to implement a proven ABM strategy and methodology

A few weeks ago, I ran an exclusive webinar for a few of my clients in the US. The purpose of the webinar was to manage expectations when it comes to ABM. By this, I mean the culture, mindset, and approach you need to adopt, as well as learning how to implement a proven ABM strategy and methodology. Watch the on demand webinar here for free!

Sud Kumar Marketing Director

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